Fischy Music / Fife Youth Music Initiative

Songwriting Project 2016

This project, funded by Fife Youth Music Initiative enabled us to spend a fabulous 5 weeks in 6 Fife Schools writing 9 songs with 9 different classes. The schools involved were Aberhill, Coaltown of Balgonie, Carleton, St Bride’s, Anstruther and Elie Primary Schools.

All the ideas and material came from the children who were facilitated by our fantastic Event Team.

Listen to the amazing songs below. You will be blown away by the creativity of the children involved.


Never Give Up by the Fantastic Elastic Rubber Band (P5 Aberhill)

Life can be hard, frustrating, boring, confusing and get you down… or song is to encourage people when they’re going through a tough time and remind them that things will get better.

The Great Scottish Tribute Song by the SuperNeeps (P6 Aberhill)

Our song is a tribute to the great things about living in Scotland. Football, Irn Bru, dancing, Andy Murray.. they’re normal to us, but we’re proud of them!

Magical Imagination by The Rocking Unicorns (P4/5 Coaltown of Balgonie)

We wrote a song that explores our imagination. How would we get there? Where could we go? What would we see?

The Kelpie by the Jazzy Emotions (P5 Carleton)

The dark and mysterious ballad of an ill fated doctor and his search for the elixir of life. His journey takes him into an epic battle with an infamous Kelpie; who will survive?

Fantabulous by Greyhound (P4/5 Carleton)

A straight ahead, uplifting Summer dance track. Get yourself up and moving to this one!

Animals by the Fischy Mates (P5 St Brides)

A dramatic and uplifting cinematic celebration of the wonders of the animal kingdom.

Changes by Life (P4/5 Anstruther)

Our song is a gentle and thoughtful song about how we go through all sorts of things in life - ups and downs, hard times and times of celebration... life changes all the time.

Sky is On Fire by the Admirers (P5 Anstuther)

Throughout the seasons, the world changes and we change too. In our song we’re saying, “Stop! Look around and admire what’s here now, cause it’s not forever."

Dreams by The Pink Fluffy Unicorns (P4-7 Elie)

A psychedelic journey through a P7 dreamscape. Surreal and entertaining!