Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that we are frequently asked at Fischy Music – we hope they will help you.

How much does Songs for Life Cost?
Songs for Life is purchased by a yearly subscription. The prices are dependent on what modules you buy (you can choose from Health and Wellbeing and RE and Collective Worship) and what size of school you are purchasing for. Yearly prices range from £119-£250.

Can I pay by invoice for CDs, CD-ROMs or Songs for Life?
You can pay ONLINE by invoice if you are a school AND you are purchasing a subscription OR a schools pack.
You can pay by invoice for any of our products and subscriptions if you are a school by calling 0131 551 1005.

Can I pay by PECOS (or another procurement system) for CDs, CD-ROMs or Songs for Life?

Yes – The best way of doing this is to fill in the details on your PECOS or other procurement system. (When you do and if you are subscribing to Songs for Life , make sure you include the email address that you want to use to whenever the school wants to log into Songs for Life.)

I don’t have a password/ You haven’t sent me a password for Songs for Life
You will receive an email when you subscribe to Songs for Life. If you don’t have a note of your password you can reset it by:
Clicking Login next to the search box on the top right of
Click “Lost you Password”

What is my Username for Songs for Life?
Your Username is either the email address that you used when you set up Songs for Life OR the Username that was emailed to you when you set up Songs for Life. You can use either – they are interchangeable.

Can we use a Fischy Music song in a video we are recording?

Provided the video is a not-for-profit exercise, you are not making more than 100 copies, and Fischy Music is fully credited on the video and in any supplementary material (‘name of song’ © Fischy Music , year of production, plus our web site address), you may use a song. If the video is a commercial enterprise or for public broadcast you must contact us to discuss terms before proceeding.

Can we record us singing a Fischy Music song?
See above – similar terms apply.

Can we change some of the words of a Fischy Music song ?
You are welcome to change lyrics to fit your situation, provided you are not recording or distributing your version as a commercial enterprise. Any lyrical changes must be in the spirit of the original – i.e. it must still be suitable for all ages and generally of a positive nature!

Can I use a Fischy Music song in our church service ?
Yes – we produce our songs with the aim that they can be used by churches. You can log use of Fischy songs via the Church Copyright Licence (CCL) which most churches subscribe to.

I represent a school, – why do we have to buy a resource pack or subscribe to Songs for Life, not just buy a cd?
e produce extensive supporting material to help schools get the best out of Fischy Music and it is our experience that the songs do not ‘do their work’ nearly so well when children and teachers don’t know the signs and actions associated with the songs, or how to fully engage with the words and music. The videos and teaching material on the Resource Packs are very affordable given the potential for years of use of each pack. CD-only versions are for individual or family use only.

Where can I get the sheet music for one of your songs?
Sheet music is available as part of the Resource Pack version of each album or by subscribing to Songs for Life

Are Fischy songs available as single downloads?
Yes – Fischy songs are available to download from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

What happens when you visit a school for a day ?
A typical Fischy schoolday consists of 3 x 45-minute workshops in the morning with up to 70 children in each workshop group and a one-hour concert for the whole school in the afternoon. We do not offer more than 3 shorter workshops in a morning as we find that we need the full 45mins to get the most out of our material with the children. If you can’t fit the whole school into the 3 workshop groups we suggest you target the older years for the workshops and then the younger ones can join in for the concert. Fischy schooldays can be themed to fit in with a particular whole-school topic, e.g. Health and wellbeing, anti-bullying, looking after our world, celebrating Christmas, resilience or transitions (Hellos and Goodbyes). You are welcome to request your ‘Fischy favourites’ to be included in the day and we would also hope to teach you some new songs while we are with you. For more information or to check availability, contact the Event Manager.

Can you write a song for our school ? How much will it cost ?
We can and do write songs for schools with children on a variety of themes. Themes can be pre-decided such as ‘what I like about my school / our school community’ or ‘what it means to be Scottish’, or they can be chosen by the children in the classroom at the time of writing depending on where the creative process takes us. The cost depends on how many days’ work are involved, how many children are included in the songwriting process (this affects how long it takes), and how much work you want us to do outside of school e.g. creating backing tracks to go behind the children singing. You can buy as many copies of the song on CD as you like afterwards at £2 per copy. For more information about costs and availability, contact the Event Manager

Do you do events in Nurseries ?
We are not Nursery specialists but we do have some material appropriate to the Nursery age-group. We work mainly with the Primary agegroup and prioritise work with 5-11year-olds but we can sometimes be persuaded to work with Nursery-aged children as well, particularly as part of a normal schoolday.

Are you a Christian organisation?
Our organization is rooted in the Christian faithbut some of our team hold other faith positions. We work in primary schools with children and teachers of all faiths and none in line with the current national health and wellbeing curriculum. We also deliver input and produce resources for churches and Christian faith organisations. Only those with a committed Christian faith will work in church contexts.

How much does a church event cost ?
The cost of Church Events varies depending on how long we are with you and the type of event it is. If there’s a concert involved, it will depend on how many people are in the band. For more information, contact the Event Manager.

How long will orders from your shop take to arrive?
We fulfil all our orders within 3 days of an order being received (usually quicker than that) and then send them by first class post.

Will you come to Bulgaria ? Ethiopia?
We don’t usually do trips outside the UK. However, we may occasionally arrange a trip further afield if we think it has strategic importance and if all the costs are covered.

Do you visit schools / churches outside Scotland ?
We do a limited number of away trips every year to other parts of Britain. We generally ask for a minimum number of days’ work and some specific types of event to be included in the trip, e.g training. As well as the event fees, the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs must be covered by the client(s). More information is available on request from the Event Manager.

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