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We have been working with the talented children of Primary 5 & 6 at Parkhill Primary School through the Fife YMI project. As part of the song-writing workshop we wrote a song called Worry Monsters. And for the concert where they performed their song they made these fantastic posters!


Song of the Month – Perfectly OK

‘The Good Childhood’ report recently published by The Children Society gives an insightful look into our generation’s children. Through multiple studies and surveys with around 60,000 children, the report is able to delve into the depth of children’s way of thinking and their outlook on their lives.

Among many other aspects, the report’s findings suggest that there is a significant difference in the way girls and boys achieve happiness and good well-being. In particular, we found it interesting that girls experience unhappiness with their appearance much more than boys do and as they get older, they feel increasingly unhappy with their appearance. Girls are also more likely to experience anxiety and depression linked to their unhappiness with appearance.

So, especially with today’s social construction of the ‘perfect body image’ and various ‘role models’ in the media, it is vital that we recognise this issue and try our best to combat it from an early age. This will often tackle the issue before girls get older.

We at Fischy Music are well aware of getting the foundations of health and wellbeing well established at an early age.  Our song of the month ‘Perfectly OK’ is about this idea of being ‘perfect’. The whole message of the song is that actually no-one is perfect, and that it is more than OK to not be perfect. It’s a great, energizing song – Listen Here

Aviemore Primary School

Our talented friends in the P5 class at Aviemore Primary School have created their very own version of Fabbydabbydoo! One pupil, along with help from a couple of his classmates, came up with these fantastic lyrics. Mr Fischy, there is a new song-writer in town!

How Everybody’s different/Fabbydabbydoo

Some like carrots, some like peas,
Some like Christmas and Hallowe’en
Some like pirates, yo ho ho!
And of course we like Pokémon Go


It’s good to be me, it’s good to be you,
It’s fabbydabby dee, it’s fabbydabby doo
It’s good to be me, it’s good to be you,
It’s fabbydabbydee, it’s fabbydabby doo

Some like school, some like sports,
Some even like building forts,
And of course, no one’s dull
But all of us like Mrs Hull!


I like cake and like to bake,
Everyone likes to celebrate,
We’re all glad to be alive,
And everybody likes P5

Chorus (twice)

Thank you for sending in these brilliant lyrics! We love them!

Great feedback for Songs for Life …

“It is a fabulous resource with engaging songs. Teacher notes are also very good. The children love the songs and all songs are easy to access. It helps that there are videos with the actions and words.”

“I have found the teaching videos amazing as I didn’t have the confidence to sing in front of the whole school.”

“The flexibility of the resource is key for us – depending on age/stage, we can access the appropriate resources. Preparing for performances has been enhanced by the access to all the materials in the classroom. This has also supported staff when discussing lyrics with the children.”

“We love the online resource…it has been of huge benefit to us in school, thank you.”

Songs for Life in the classroom

Click the mini-video to see a class using Songs for Life in their classroom

Fantastic Pictures of Songs for Life from our target audience!

We loved these pictures that demonstrate Songs for Life in action in the classroom from Aberlady Primary School – we hope you do too! Image (11) Image (10)

Check out this ENERGY!

OK – this is not strictly Songs for Life (in fact it features of our sessional team) – but we love the energy given to “We Like” that Prestonpans infants demonstrate admirably for us here!


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