Longer Term Projects

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Much of our work is funded by grants received from organisations like the Big Lottery, the Children’s lottery and the Scottish Government. We have a wide portfolio of funders that have funded a variety of longer term projects.

Most of our longer projects involve song-writing with children and all of it involves working more in-depth with smaller groups of children.

Case Studies for longer-term projects:

  • Feeling Good in Pilton
  • Fife Youth Music Initiative
  • Seasons for Growth

Feeling Good in Pilton

Our “Feeling Good Project” aims to improve mental health and wellbeing of children and families in the two areas and develop a community focus through songwriting, music making, singing and digital composing. Below you can see an STV video outlining some of the project work we have been involved in.


Fife Youth Music Initiative

Fischy Youth Music Project

Our Fife Youth Music Initiative funded project showcase contains some of the type of amazing songs we write with children. Every part of the process from choosing a vibe, finding a tune and writing the lyrics to recording the children’s voices was done in the classroom collaborating with the whole group.

Seasons for Growth

One of our specialist areas is grief and loss and one of our key partners in this areas is The Notre Dame Centre and the Seasons for Growth Programme. (image of Seasons CD) Seasons for Growth is an educational programme for children and young people who have experienced significant change or loss (such as bereavement or divorce), with the core aim of developing resilience and promoting their social and emotional wellbeing.

As part of this project, nine new songs have been written and recorded for use in the Seasons programme and more generally, as a support for children experiencing loss, grief and challenging transitions. 

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