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Suzanne Butler

I was born in Edinburgh in 1978. Music eventually won out over furry animals as my favourite pursuit, when I gave up my prospective place at vet school and did a music degree instead!

I’ve been working for Fischy since 2001 and recently went full-time in this role, while still enjoying wide-ranging freelance work as a singer and violinist including my own duo Fair Witness. I live beside the sea in Musselburgh, go to St James’ Church in Leith, and like doing yoga, reading and being in the countryside in my spare time.

What is the most embarrassing song in your CD or iPod collection?

Chris de Burgh – album featuring ‘Lady in Red’ (bought as a joke – honest!)

Where do you like singing most?

In school with lots of children singing along too

What is your idea of musical heaven?

A live gig with a great band, outdoors, with a winey picnic and a folding chair

What is your idea of musical hell?

‘Big Brother’ contestants having a karaoke competition

Which instrument do you wish you could play?

Djembe (African drum) or really good piano

Which instrument are you most glad that you don’t play?

I like all instruments but am glad not to have to teach a recorder class anymore – too much tooting. I had a headache after every session!

Favourite song from primary school?

‘When a knight won his spurs in the stories of old’ – great tune. I also enjoyed singing Beatles songs (especially ‘Eleanor Rigby’), with our music specialist Mrs Davies.

Last song you cried to?

‘Always and forever’ by Shania Twain. So embarrassingly cheesy, but it came on the TV music channel, it had a sentimental video and I was a bit hormonal last week!

Last song you danced to?

‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder

Person you would most like to perform with?

Joni Mitchell circa. 1971 or on the Jools Holland programme.