The difference we make to children is our main motivator at Fischy Music. We work with primary age children in both small and big group settings. We have numerous evaluation reports that are available for anyone interested in particular areas of our work. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information in this area.

People who work with us are happy to endorse our charity:
“I have had direct experience of the way in which children using Fischy Music resources have been able to find a voice – and a song – for themselves, to express those most difficult experiences in life has been both healing and life-affirming for those children”. Jonathan Wood, National Manager for Scotland for Place2Be

“There are endless opportunities to draw on Fischy resources – the music is uplifting and at time just is what needed in terms of lifting morale, the song-writing group thoroughly enjoyed their sessions and it’s overwhelming to see the effort and emotion put into this.” Depute Head Teacher, Raploch Primary

“Fischy Music has delivered song writing projects in Fife for the past few years. …. they are very professional and accommodating and their project fits well into our Youth Music Initiative programme. Teachers speak very highly of their work. The project linked well with our ‘Cool in School’ programme, with pupils working together well and producing a catchy and relevant song. Ruth Craib Fife YMI co-ordinator

Small Groups

This area of work often entails working with another partner and involves children in more therapeutic settings. For example working with children dealing with loss and grief or children facing drug or alcohol use in the family.

“Approaching the topic from a different angle by putting their feelings into song lyrics seemed to give the children a different view of how to express themselves and the confidence to be able to talk about their concerns and worries.” Principal Teacher/Companion, Granton Primary 2013

“I loved the song writing group and the leaders Suzanne and Jed were a lot of help and understood a lot of what you were saying, so that helped a lot. It was also a lot of fun and it was different so I liked that a lot.” P7 girl 2013

“The project meant a lot to me. It helped me with my life. And it made me happy. Now I control my feelings and I sing better.” P5 boy 2012

Big Groups

This area of work ranges from our energy filled one-day workshops, to longer term projects working on a particular theme e.g “Transitions”.

“I wanted to write and thank Fischy Music for the fabulous input to our school. For 10 weeks the school resounded to the sounds of children and adults having fun with songs and actions – including the corridors and playground! The whole experience was hugely successful and had a very positive impact on not only musical developments within the school but also the social and emotional side of things. Staff working cooperatively with children and parents to sing was a new idea but one we will definitley repeat. Raine and Mark both went the extra mile for our school and this was much appreciated…the project has had a sustained positive impact on the life of the school..” Headteacher 2013

“There could be no doubt that the work you do is making a difference in a practical way in schools today.” Principal Teacher, Edinburgh

Evaluation Report – One-School Project 2013

Resources for Children

From our Songs for Life to our CDROM resources.

“Totally hits home. When we had a workshop session with Fischy music, it helped some of the more vulnerable children to recognise and express feelings. The children love the songs and are keen to join in. When an incident occurs, they will ask to hear the music.” – feedback from Teacher in relation to “We’re On This Road” Teacher

It is good to have a user friendly resource. Children relate emotionally to music and having songs which support emotional and mental health is fabulous. It also helps that the songs are very contemporary and the music really makes to want to get up and move. Teacher

“At Alexandra Parade Primary School, we believe that a strong pupil voice and good emotional literacy form the basis of a successful H&WB curriculum. The wonderful Fischy Music resources are used at our weekly assemblies, giving all our learners from P1-7 the opportunity to sing and move together in order to help express themselves and understand that they are never alone. The children fully embrace each song and are motivated to return to class when their sharing of successes is done. Fischy Music, along with other resources, has helped us encourage our learners to confidently share their own personal experiences, feelings and opinions with their peers. Our children and staff relish any opportunity they have to participate in the live Fischy Music experience and always return from these concerts excited to share.” Teacher


For those working with children; from nurses, to teachers to carers.

“Many Thanks Stephen and Suzanne for delivering a session that fitted exactly with the theme of the conference and gave everyone a lift, at a time of day when energy levels can sometimes flag. It was both amusing and heartening to see such a normally reserved group of people singing, clapping and slapping. However, and as you know better than anyone, it was much more than a bit of fun to liven up the conference. One of the problems for us as educators, and particularly in the challenging field of health and wellbeing, is to help young people get in touch with their emotions, and indeed to get in touch with our own emotions, in a way that helps us to grow and develop self understanding and self acceptance.” SCSSA Health and Wellbeing Conference 2013

Songs For Life in action
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