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We believe children should have access to songs that will help them feel better and build coping strategies. Our songs are accessible and inclusive, linking to the curriculum for 3 – 12 year olds, with topics including loss, friendship and transition.

Thousands of children are benefitting from our songs each week, through our streaming platform, Fischy Music Online. There are also great benefits to using this platform as school's go back and children need additional nurture and support as part of the recovery process. Although singing is not permitted in all schools just now, there are lots of ways to use the songs and resources, including actions, listening and discussion of lyrics.

To subscribe, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure you have a good Internet connection, required for streaming songs

  2. Select a subscription (you can listen to 45-second song clips here)

  3. Go to our shop to sign up or select an option from the table below (payment by debit/credit card, PECOS/PO or invoice)

  4. Give log in details to all teachers and staff, so children can sing simultaneously in class and at assemblies

Select a module and school size from the table to subscribe now. You can subscribe anytime throughout the year.

If you are a church or faith-based group, select the ‘Small School’ option.

Fischy Music Online in the classroom


Small School

(0 - 99 pupils)

Medium School

(100 - 199 pupils)

Large School

(over 200 pupils)

All subscriptions include

‘Do the song’ videos
Our musicians singing with actions to make participation easy for children in classrooms or assemblies, with song lyrics at the bottom of the screen.

‘Symbol movies’
Excellent for younger children or those with additional support needs.

Backing tracks
To sing along in class or assemblies or for use in the classroom, for example, helping children with mindfulness or a high energy song when tidying up.

Searchable themes
Search by Emotions, Older Children, Practical Songs, Relationships, Tough Times, Wider World and Younger Children.

‘Learn the song’ videos
Let our musicians teach you, or the children directly, the words, actions and melodies of Fischy Music songs.

Lyrics and sheet music
Enabling staff who wish to accompany singing.

Extensive lesson planning material
Use our fantastic resources to support children and adults with lesson plans and teaching ideas, for example, circle time questions.

Playlist feature
Create your own playlists.