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RE & Collective Worship

Module 2

We believe children should have access to songs that will help them feel better and build coping strategies. Our songs are available on our streaming service and users can sign up for an annual subscription.

You can see the range of all the songs available on Songs for Life here.

This module is also ideal for using in churches/Messy Church/children's Sunday Schools where there is internet access. Churches - please choose small school option at £60 for this module.

Searches on more general themes and topic areas is also possible e.g. self-worth, destiny, tough times etc. It supports a range of learning styles and also includes specific resources for children with Additional Support Needs. Songs for life is accessible from work and home – aiding with lesson planning.

Subscription costs

Schools with
0 - 99 pupils
£60 per year

Schools with
100 - 199 pupils
£75 per year

Schools with
over 200 pupils
£100 per year

Songs for Life offers a different approach from regular classroom activities that is simple to access, but empowers teachers to cover RE and Collective Worship with confidence. The 30+ songs in the RE and Collective Worship Module can be easily searched by specific outcomes, key words or themes.

If your school already subscribes to the Health & Wellbeing Module, please call us, Tel: 0131 551 1005