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Thank you for your enquiries about how Fischy Music songs can be used online during lockdown. We are really encouraged by all the creative ways our songs are being used to support children’s wellbeing at this time. 

School/Church Subscribers (to Fischy Music Online)

  1. Fischy Online Assemblies on YouTube: We have more brand new Fischy Assemblies every Monday of lockdown at 11am and they are available to watch anytime on our YouTube channel and
  2. You can use our songs without singing: With audio tracks, teaching resources, circle time questions and lyrics included alongside the song videos, there are lots of ways in which our songs can be used at this time for children in school.
  3. You can share your log in details with parents: As schools move online we are allowing you to share your login and password with parents/carers so that they can access this resource and use Fischy songs to support their children’s wellbeing and harness all the positivity singing brings day-to-day into your homes.
  4. You can use our song videos and audio tracks in online assemblies and services: We’ve put together these guidelines and would appreciate if you follow them when using Fischy songs. As well as crediting Fischy Music, please tag us in your posts, so we can see how you’re using our songs to support your school/church communities:
    Guidelines for Fischy Music Online Subscribers during lockdown, click here

    How to share a Fischy Music Online video over Zoom, click here

    Here's how Pinkie St Peter's Primary have been using their Fischy Music subscription in lockdown.

    If your school/church aren't yet signed up for Fischy Music Online, click here.

Parents/Carers and Families

  1. Fischy Online Assemblies on YouTube: Thousands of families joined in our Fischy Assemblies back in spring/summer. We're planning more and will post soon about the launch. The assemblies are 20-30 minutes long with loads of Fischy songs and fun to get you feeling good. Available on:
  2. FischyTunes: Our music video wellbeing website for children. Fischy favourites, songs written with children and exclusive music videos! All free at
  3. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music (and other streaming platforms): Pop on our “Twenty Years of Fischy Music” album on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or wherever you stream your music.
  4. Fischy Music Online: Check your messages from your school – many are sharing their subscription to Fischy Music Online with parents and carers. You can contact your school to check if they have a subscription and will share log in details. This is our website for schools and has a huge range of resources to accompany over 100 Fischy song videos.

If you have any specific questions, then please email us:

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