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Parent and Carer Information

Fischy songs are woven into the everyday life of children in thousands of schools across the UK and beyond. They help support our children’s emotional and mental wellbeing, bring hope, comfort and humour and remind children of their innate value. In this uncertain time, children and those who care for them, are facing significant challenges…

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8 new songs from Fife

We begin every year with a songwriting project in partnership with Fife Youth Music Initiative. We have five weeks with eight Primary 5 – 7 classes in different schools to write, record and perform their own song from scratch. This year’s songs are a brilliant mix of styles and topics. Pop, rock, hip-hop, disco… Friends,…

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Be in the Fischy Lockdown Band!

We’ve got a brand new song called ‘We won’t stop singing’ and we’d love you to take part in creating a music video for it. We wrote the song earlier this year as a protest song around climate change and it speaks into the situation we now all find ourselves in around COVID-19, home schooling…

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Easter time posts, from Sunday 5th April

We’ll be posting a video everyday from Sunday with a song, a prayer and an activity to help reflect and celebrate during this Easter time. Make sure you like and follow us on social media so you see these posts and can share them too: Facebook   Twitter  YouTube  Instagram

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Our latest news!

We’ve just published our news bulletin for March 2020, with a round up of Fischy News over the past few months as well as our response to the school closures. At this time, we’re really keen to get our songs and resources out to as many people as possible, especially children, parents/carers and teachers. Have…

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