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Feeling Good at the end of term!

As summer term draws to a close, our team have been singing with the nursery children in our ‘Feeling Good’ schools and writing and recording a track with the pupils at St David’s RC Primary School. Here are some of the reflections from participants in these projects:

“It helps with your feelings to make the lyrics.”
P6 pupil

“A song can boost your happiness.”
P6 pupil

“I think that it can make children more creative and more confident.”
P6 pupil

“I think it was a great experience for the children because they had the opportunity to express themselves in a different way, and they came up with a great song that included all their worries and all the things they had in their minds, in a nice natural way. It brought them all together, like friends working nicely.”
Eva Pexara, teacher

“Thank you for giving our children a wonderful experience in music composition ( I am sure we will be hearing from some of them in the future). Your dedication and passion for teaching children how to write songs and perform them has been truly inspirational to us all. The children I know throughly enjoyed the creative process. I too had a great time and learnt a lot.

Thank you Margaret for taking the time to record their finished song and we look forward to listening to it on their CD.”
Chrissy Moore, teacher

“There is something special about having parents singing along with their children in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and it has been a great place to develop new material. I tried out, “You’re amazing” a brand new song over a couple of visits to St David’s and Pirniehall and was so pleased with the response, particularly after honing it a bit.

So that’s them just about off for the summer and these teachers deserve a good long, restful holiday after the hard work of the year. Looking forward to next term now! (after a good summer holiday though!)”
Stephen Fischbacher, Fischy Music

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