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Bring It All To Me (CD + DVD + CD-ROM)

Bring It All To Me CD


Songs for all ages based on emotions expressed in the Psalms.

NB: on our CD Rom, we have a PDF file and a PowerPoint – should it be you can’t open the files, check you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (it’s free software). For the PowerPoint files you need to have Microsoft PowerPoint (or alternatively Keynote on a Mac) installed.

Some Reviews

“To say you get your money’s worth would be an understatement. Drawing in help from the likes of vocalist Suzanne Butler, Foundry Music Lab duo Graeme Duffin and Sandy Jones and Scottish harmonica maestro Fraser Speirs, the musical aspect of this release is of a refreshingly high quality with songs like the carnival-flavoured “E-N-J-O-Y” and the title track being genuinely enjoyable pieces of music in their own right whilst the likes of “Who Do You Think You Are?” and “In A Deep, Deep Place” are typical of the project’s willingness to deal with deep and difficult emotions.” 
Crossrhythms Magazine

“Everyone from reception class to head teacher mesmerized and moved by it. Staff rushing off to Google “Fischy Music”! Thanks for such powerful resources.”
Melvyn, Teacher 

“Fischy Music have addressed difficult issues such as self esteem within their song ‘Who do you think you are?‘ using Psalm 9, 43, 55, 57 and 116. The verses are based on the negative thoughts that are ‘the voice inside my head‘ such as ‘you’re gonna make a mistake, you are such a fake‘ and then the chorus then talks about putting your trust in God who will help you through.

Holding on to the Rock’ is an upbeat funk track that uses lots of repetition, making it suitable for a wider age group, the chorus is particularly memorable. There are many quieter more reflective songs on the album such as ‘We your children’ with its gentle piano accompaniment. Another stand out track is the rock track ‘Big big questions’, again making use of repetition plus an electric guitar and a driving bass line.

If you are looking at exploring the Psalms with your children’s church group, this CD/DVD might be worth looking at.”
Hannah Davies, Louder than the Music

The CD Rom Teaching Pack includes:

  • teaching notes
  • backing tracks
  • lyric sheets
  • videos showing signs and actions
  • piano/guitar music arrangements
  • image movies

Bring It All To Me is also available as a CD album for private use.