Down To Earth CD

Down To Earth Resource Pack (CD + CD-ROM)


Down to Earth helps children and adults to take experiences from their everyday lives – wonder, thanks, joy, sadness, the comfortable and uncomfortable bits – and connect them to God. The album is an inspiring collection of new songs which is thoughtful and reflective yet catchy and fun. Its songs are easy to pick up and incorporate multi-cultural elements as well as contemporary influences.

For schools, Down To Earth fills a gap in resources that are currently available. It is perfect for use in Religious Assemblies as well being an extremely useful resource for RME/RE. For Churches, the album appeals to all ages and is particularly suited to any aspect of worship involving children.

“RE needs to be authentic in the ways it portrays religion. Buy this CD, and use it with your 7-11’s and you will hit that target”. RE Today

Down to Earth is available as this standalone CD Album (£13) or a CDROM Teaching Pack (£30 The Teaching Pack includes:

  • teaching notes
  • backing tracks
  • lyric sheets
  • videos showing signs and actions
  • piano/guitar music arrangements

CDs are sold for private/home use. If you are a school or an organisation you should purchase a Resource Pack which contains all the material you will need to use our songs in group settings.

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