These are our Emotions Resource Pack (CD + CD-ROM)

These are our Emotions Resource Pack (CD + CD-ROM)


“These are our Emotions” is a collection of tried and tested songs that help children to be able to recognise, understand and manage their own feelings.

Themes include setting boundaries, expressing anger, accepting yourself and forgiving people. All of the songs give strong support to key curricular areas across the UK.

The CDROM Teaching Pack includes:

  • NEW teaching notes
  • backing tracks
  • lyric sheets
  • NEW video clips showing signs and actions
  • piano/guitar music arrangements

Click here to listen to samples from the songs

I feel good
These are our emotions
Be yourself
Nobody is a no-one
You can hold on
Special kind of heroes
Someone is with you
Just one life
My old friend tears
Going on a journey

These Are Our Emotions is also available as a standalone CD Album.