Our sponsorship programme offers businesses the opportunity to:

  • Support the health and wellbeing of children in primary schools in their locality
  • Support their staff in promoting the emotional wellbeing of children in their care/community

Our workshops and resources help children feel good about themselves and other people in an increasingly complex and stressful world.

The projects that our partners sponsor:

  • are standalone pieces of work
  • based on tried and tested methodology refined over the past 15 years
  • deliver outcomes that are mutually agreed

The likely types of work that would take place as part of a sponsorship package in local school(s) would be:

  • Health and Wellbeing workshops
  • Songwriting sessions
  • Concerts
  • Provision of our “Songs for Life” online resources for teachers and pupils
  • Provision of our “Songs for Tough Times” songs for pupils


  • Session(s) for the staff of the sponsoring business, on the role of music in supporting the wellbeing of children in their care/community
  • Session(s) for team building days in organisations. These workshops are very accessible for all, suitable for those that have musical or no musical abilities and great fun; ending up with a song that has been written and recorded by even the most sceptical of staff!

Note: As part of our sponsorship process, Fischy Music would put forward any sponsorship proposal to the New Arts Sponsorship Grants 2016/17 provided by Arts and Business Scotland. If successful, this would mean that any sponsorship provided by a business would be matched £1 for £1. The extra funding would go directly towards the project – doubling the scope of any work carried out.

If you feel the Fischy Music Sponsorship programme would fit in with your CSR objectives we would love to have an initial chat with you. Please call Stephen or Helen on 0131 551 1005.


Songs For Life in action
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