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Supporting Children

Every day we see the benefits of singing for children. Find out more below.

Research shows that the first few years of a child's life are crucial in the development of emotional health and wellbeing.

Music making, songwriting and singing all enable people to become more creative, express themselves and become more confident and healthy individuals.

Using music to improve physical and mental health isn’t just ‘a nice idea’. It’s a uniquely powerful intervention that requires no special training, and can enhance virtually every aspect of life.


Your Stories

“You managed to develop in five minutes what many of us take weeks to get across through our PSD lessons. Your music is cool in the eyes of the children and they love its catchiness.” 

Curriculum Outcomes

Curriculum Outcomes

As well as being useful in cross-curricular work, Fischy Music songs are linked directly to many curricular outcomes across schools in the UK and beyond.

How to use Fischy

How to Use Fischy

An overview of our how you can use Fischy Music Material with children.

How singing supports children

How singing supports children

There is significant scientific evidence that singing, reduces stress, improves immunity and physical health and aids memory and learning.