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Your Stories

“Here’s a little story of a fisherman called Pete…”

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Fischy Music brings your stories to life

"The use of Fischy’s resources in the area of PSE adds another dimension to the teachers’ and school’s repertoire. When you add the fact that the children not only enjoy the music but also relate to the message then you will understand the power in this approach”.

Inverclyde Education Services

“You managed to develop in five minutes what many of us take weeks to get across through our PSD lessons. Your music is cool in the eyes of the children and they love its catchiness” 

John, Teacher

“Some people did not want to sing but you cheered them up with your songs and made them laugh.”

P6 in Fife

"Best song in the world - totally cool".

P7 in Edinburgh

“I’ve been here 21 years and that was the best thing I’ve ever seen!”

Teacher at the end of a Fischy Music Workshop day

“As usual your energy, enthusiasm and professionalism was a real inspiration!”

Church leader after a Church workshop and concert in Fife

“Your music certainly has that ability to reach children in a way that is pretty unique. It’s impossible to leave an event like that without a smile on your face!”

Teacher after a schoolday sponsored by the local church

“Fischy made everyone feel totally at ease and everyone felt relaxed enough to join in without any pressure.”

Concert Organiser