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“Welcome everybody, it’s good to see you here”

©  Fischy Music 2007

Fischy Music is a charity founded in 1998. Our Health and Wellbeing songs and resources are inclusive and appropriate for all children regardless of outlook on life or religious belief.

Fischy Music has years of experience providing musical input into an extremely wide range of concerts and musical gatherings.

Whether it is a music festival, concert hall, or an Edinburgh Fringe Event we can keep crowds entertained with our fabulous music suitable for children of all ages!

Profoundly moved

“Thank you so much for coming to Greenbelt. I’d heard of you, but never heard you play – I’d brought my kids, and was profoundly moved myself.”


Relaxed enough to join in

“Fischy made everyone feel totally at ease and everyone felt relaxed enough to join in without any pressure.”

(Concert organiser)