Teaching Resources

“What kind of world are we passing on to our children’s children”

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Fischy Music creates songs and teaching resources available in a number of formats.

Our teaching material includes backing tracks, teaching notes, full length videos with British Sign Language, teaching videos, sheet music, backing tracks and, for some resources, Image Movies.

Our Health and Wellbeing resources support primary age children, helping them make sense of emotions and day to day life in easily understood terms, making use of catchy and fun songs that children love.

Our RE and Collective Worship resources are suitable for collective worship and RE in school or Sunday school. They are dynamic, upbeat songs of praise and reflective songs.

What’s new?

In 2017 we released 10 completely new Health and Wellbeing songs collected onto the Album - Sing To Make You Feel Good. The material is available as a resource pack and also on our streaming platform “Fischy Music Online”.

More recently, we also released new material onto the RE and Collective Worship Module of Fischy Music Online. We have updated videos and added material to accompany some of our old favourites like Wonderful World, Angry Hotelman and When People are Cruel.

You can see all of our amazing songs on Fischy Music Online

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