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Perfectly ok


This song recognises that no-one is perfect and that it is more than ok to not be perfect.

Always look on the bright side of life


Humour is a great resource to tackle tough times and this feel-good song adapted from the well-known hit will often brings a smile.



A rap-style song saying that we all have creativity that can be expressed in different ways.

The Angry Song (ages 3-7)


This is a song about feelings, in particular anger. It’s good to have feelings and it’s ok to be angry in fact it’s good to be angry sometimes. Angry feelings often happen when something is wrong or not fair and we need to try to find out what the problem is and do something to help. It is ok to be angry but not ok to be nasty and hurt other people as a result.

Busy Christmas


A fun song that starts with all the frantic activity of Christmas and ends with an opportunity to stop and quietly reflect on who is at the centre of it all