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“We want a fair world for all” / Let Justice Roll Like a River / © Fischy Music 2023

The Fischy Music Online community is made up of primary schools across the UK and beyond, including schools and trusts across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as countries further afield, including Australia, America and Canada, with thousands of children singing Fischy Music songs every day to nurture wellbeing. Over a quarter of Scottish primary schools have a Fischy Music Online subscription, from all over Scotland and representing 30 of the 32 Local Authority areas:

In addition to schools, we work with churches and organisations around the world, as our songs are all available to stream anywhere with a subscription to Fischy Music Online. We also collaborate with partners on song-writing projects and live online and in-person events and training. Organisations we work with include:

"Music is a vitally important part of Seasons for Growth and Fischy Music resources strongly support the delivery of the programme. The words in the songs are inspirational and make a real difference in helping children and young people to care for their feelings and develop new coping strategies."
Moira Sugden, Seasons for Growth National Co-ordinator, Scotland

"I have had direct experience of the way in which children using Fischy Music resources have been able to find a voice - and a song - for themselves, to express some of the most difficult experiences in life. This has been both healing and life-affirming for those children." 
Jonathan Wood, National Co-ordinator, Place2Be

"I've worked with Fischy for a numbers of years, as a participant in training sessions and now as YMI Co-ordinator for Fife. The overarching feeling I have working with everyone at the Fischy team is a shared passion for music and using it for the well-being of pupils - and staff! The collaborative approach and team effort is possible through our consultation meetings and that allows us to work together to tailor projects which would best suit the needs for schools, staff and pupils in Fife. 

The learning and music process in schools is a joy to watch with fully interactive sessions between the Fischy team, teachers and pupils. It's wonderful how the whole Fischy team demonstrate great skill, creativity and inclusivity of ideas, abilities and ages. Some wonderful songs have come out of the creative process and we are proud to be able to share our pupils' songs and jingles with a wider audience.

The impact their school based projects, and online resources has on schools is invaluable to health and well-being, as well as the wider benefits that music brings, socially, academically and mentally, with head teachers reporting an improved school ethos and children singing songs happily to themselves in the playground or as they move around the school.

Fischy Music is such a valuable part of our music projects in Fife YMI as we continue to develop and expand our projects together."
Suzanne Jackson, Fife Youth Music Co-ordinator