"New life has begun, beauty yet to come" / Tiny Little Seed / © Fischy Music 2020
Hundreds of churches use our songs in times of Collective Worship in services, assemblies, holiday clubs and community outreach.

“I have sung with three P1 classes this afternoon in quite a needy school. With each class I did the bouncy stuff which they love, but I was really struck in each of the classes with the deep sense of peace that came when we sang ‘Come to the Quiet’.”
Church worker

“Any time for reflection in school or church is enhanced by including a Fischy song."
Rev Gayle Taylor

“We as a church have been in the fortunate position to be able to gift Fischy Music Online Subscriptions to our local primary schools for a number of years now. It has been an ideal gift to give to them.

We've been able to reap the benefits through having access to top-of-the-line music videos for use in our assemblies with them, which are a lifesaver for someone like me who is not musically gifted. The variety of songs cover most topics we could possibly need to allow us to link in our messages with a catchy song with great actions.

The young people always respond so positively to them, especially when favourites like Stronger start to play! The benefits don't stop there though because we know that they use the songs when we are not there as well as part of their wellbeing and RE teaching sessions.”
Children & Families Development Worker, Skene Parish Church

“All the children love Fischy Music songs. I am always so happy when I hear them humming or singing the songs as they walk around school, or on the way to church or as they go out to play. It has transformed our worship times.”
Sarah Robson Head Teacher, Ribby-with-Wrea Endowed CE Primary

“Fischy Music is an integral part of our collective worship and wellbeing curriculum. Our children embrace everything that Fischy singing brings to our gatherings. They love the signing and actions, they sing with gusto and believe the words help them to overcome fears, trauma and other challenges in their lives."
Kathryn Bevan-Mackie, Freemantle CE Community Academy

Our digital streaming platform reaches thousands of children in schools and churches, giving access to Fischy sing-along song videos, audio tracks and extensive teaching resources. An annual subscription gives all teachers unlimited access to our newest songs as well as all the Fischy favourites, like 'Build Up' and 'You Are a Star'!