"We will care for you, we’ll be there for you" / We Will Care for You / © Fischy Music 2023
The purpose of our training is to equip adults working with children to use Fischy songs confidently and effectively in their work. We believe everyone can sing and that singing is hugely beneficial for all ages. Our aim is that participants leave our sessions with increased knowledge and skills in using Fischy resources for all-age and children's worship.

Our church workers training sessions often take place after a school day, in the evening or as part of an event. We can also provide training to a group of churches. Most of our training is now online training sessions, so that travel doesn't have to be an issue and people can attend via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The sessions are very informal and aim to show you some of the songs and resources available to help ensure you get the most out of your subscription and that every member of staff feels confident using songs in holiday clubs, services and community events.

Feel free to join the call as a group so that there can be a bit of discussion around the suitable songs for services or events you have planned.

To book a training session for your church, please email us.

If you can't attend a training session, you can watch a 5 minute video guide for Getting started with Fischy Music Online

"The session was very helpful, especially the step by step instruction in how Fischy Music can be used in school in both classroom and assembly settings."
Participant, RE Training

“Any time for reflection in school or church is enhanced by including a Fischy song."
Rev Gayle Taylor

"I just wanted to say thank you for today's session.

I’ve found that recently getting my groups to sing and sign seems to be a release and it changes the dynamics of the group. Even just playing a song changes the atmosphere.

I still put a bit of Fischy on in my car when I’m driving!"
Katy Holtham, Charity Founder