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Remembrance songs

Thursday, 26 October 2023

If you are planning a Remembrance Assembly or Service, you can access these all-age songs from our Remembrance Playlist.

Each song includes teaching ideas and circle time questions to help children understand the lyrics and explore their feelings.

For example, the Teaching Notes for Bad Times Won't Last include:

Teaching ideas

  • Play the song, ‘Dreaming’. The chorus says, “Dreaming of a day when broken hearts are mended.”
  • Discuss with the children what moods are. How do you know if someone is in a bad mood? Act out some of the ‘body language’ that a person in a bad or a good mood might be showing. Discuss the types of things that influence moods:
    a) What gets you into a good mood?
    b) What gets you into a bad mood?
    c) What helps get you out of a bad mood?
  • Play the song ‘My favourite things’ from the Sound of Music then discuss what things the children visualise when “the bee stings, when the dog bites, when I’m feeling sad”.
  • Play or sing the song, ‘You Can Hold On’ (from These are our Emotions) which looks at when you have been hurt or you are in a bad mood, and offers a strategy of moving on from this feeling.
  • Ask children to list songs that influence their mood.
  • How does the rain pour in our lives? How do we feel when the “news is spoken”?

Circle time questions

  1. How would you describe hope?
  2. What gives you hope in your life?
  3. What takes away hope in your life?
  4. What difference does hope make to people’s lives?
  5. How would you describe how it feels when you have lost hope?

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